Experts in Open Source technologies such as Java, MySQL, Jason, HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript and CSS.


iOS and Droid: Expertize in building one base code to be compiled to different enviroments.


Experience in delivering multi-lingual applications with localized content in one code base.


Quality, flexibility, reliability and on-time delivery. Our track record speaks for itself.

Show Case Mobile Applications

1   NutriLight

Nutrilight allows users to track nutrition, by searching or photographing their food. It synch's with the user's internet account.

2   Plate Maker

Plate Maker let user's make their plate and counts nutrients. If it goes above the recommended goal, it lets users know. It also allows sharing of the plate they made in Facebook.

3   International

Our platform is modular and very flexble. When we localize applications, we also look for nutritional databases or tables for the countries we will deliver the solution.

It also allows us to update the data in real-time and in any language, while mainting partner's proprietary foods, recipes and plans private and exclusive for their clients.

Show Case Internet Applications

HealthSimple Site for Splenda Brand

Splenda site uses a mix of our platform co-branded features and our XML APIs. It enabled them to create an unique experience for their users combining our technology with a number of other vendors. See it

MiHealthLog and MiHealthCoach

Their site uses our standard co-branded platform with custom changes to integrate MedGem (metabolic measurement device). They sell it to the clinics and hospitals that use their equipment. See it

Nutricom Networks

Delivers online nutritional coaching. They wanted a version that incorporate real-time video. Clients can call in and deliver their tracking information over the phone to be analyzed by a dietitian. See it